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Mirror trends

The mirror, an essential part of the decoration.

This classic and timeless piece shouldn’t only be used for its original purpose, to reflect one’s silhouette, but is a decorative piece in of itself.  Whether small, big, round, square, contemporary or vintage, mirrors pose endless possibilities for designers. At once functional and stylish, mirrors have a particular way of  making the room more elegant and refined.  It is also ideal for enlarging or illuminating a space while giving it a touch of originality.  Mirrors can also be used in numerous rooms in a house, from the entryway to the salon, from the bedroom to the bathroom.


Red Edition has chosen to create two mirrors with a sensual and elegant design, dear to the Parisian spirit claimed by the brand.


For these precious and seductive objects, the golden brass has been worked with elegance to bring warmth and character to the interiors. These two mirrors can be adapted to any interior, modern or classic, both feminine and masculine.


Made by hand, the Ellipse mirror was imagined by our creative studio.


Its organic shape and its chic minimalism confer upon its charm and modernity.  Like a jewel in the interior, it is trendy and luxurious thanks to its brass frame and and natural or copper pink tinted glass.


The studio has also chosen to reimagine a symbolic object, the Totem pole.


Completely vertical, the Totem mirror possesses graphic lines and lots of character.  It is composed of two mirrors, one smoky grey the other tinted pink, fused together with a brass bar that acts as a hinge. It has recently appeared in a completely different style by integrating a flap with “Tortoise shell” motifs.


Standing like a sculpture, this piece is very decorative but also functions as a way to reflect and redirect light thanks to its hinge.