Ellipse mirror

Whether it accents your vestibule, acts as an objet d’art in your salon or plays up your bathroom, the elliptical mirror is a striking addition wherever you put it.

Ellipse mirror

Livraison sous 5 à 8 semaines
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Ellipse mirrors are available in two sizes and two colors, a natural or copper pink.

Elliptical psyche

The perfection of the circle and organic randomness combine for a hypnotic effect, expertly highlighted by the smoked tint. Whether in an entryway, as a centerpiece in your living room, or to add flair to your bathroom, the Ellipse mirror in small or large sizes can be hung wherever you please.


The mirror is made of natural or smoked glass, circled by an elegant brass ring. With great attention to detail, Red Edition have transformed this exquisite piece, making it more than a mirror, it is a wall sculpture and a feast for the eye.


Diameter : 50 cm or 80 cm
Thickness: 2 cm

Weight : 6 kg and 12 kg

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