Large 50’s coffee table

Inspired by the 50s, this coffee table is a modern update of the midcentury style.

Large 50’s coffee table
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Red Edition coffee tables are handmade.


The Red Edition Fifties coffee table is an iconic piece, a tribute to the 1950s and a wonderful marriage between design and practicality. Lacquered in a thousand colours, it will easily fit into any interior. White or green marble is added to the lacquer colours making this Fifties coffee table an icon that is perfect for all interiors. Available in 2 sizes, they allow you to combine them in an infinite variety of positions.


The Red Edition coffee tables are handmade. Each layer of lacquer requires an extraordinary attention to detail and craftsmanship in order to get such a beautiful depth of colour. Also available with a white or green marble top.


Length: 130 cm
Width: 85 cm
Heigth: 45 cm

Weight of oak top: 14,5 kg.
Weight of marble top: 37 kg.

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