Red Edition Apartment

The Red Apartment offers a personable and bespoke sales experience.

Located at the heart of the Marais neighborhood, the Red Apartment can be found in a private estate after you ascend a flight of stairs to the first floor.

The entryway, embellished with the brand’s own creations as well as other contemporary designs, sets the tone of the space.  It’s an original experience set in 120 m2 which is yours for the moment.

Red Edition immerses you in the Red universe in order to inspire you, assist you, and give you ideas.

While sipping your coffee you will discover the latest Red Edition pieces, works from various designers, vintage pieces, and exclusive access to many labels.

We hope to create a special moment which allows you to fully experience Red Edition in its fullness.



The RED Edition selection

Immerse yourself into our beautiful designs and choose among our selection the item you desire

  • Lustre 8 feux

    Design by Gaetano Sciolari, 1970.
  • Brass wall sculpture

    Curtis Jéré
    1 390€

The elegant art of living within the French style

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  • 0203
  • 0303