About us


Cyril Laborbe

 I love the time we live in: the immediacy of digital technology, the simplicity in connecting with others and the easy access we have to other cultures… it has always been my intention to focus on these aspects in creating and developing Red Edition. Our furniture is designed in Paris, manufactured in Saigon, approved in Copenhagen and sold in Hong Kong and it delights me!

I love design and artisanship, I am moved by the nobility of craftsmanship and manual labor. I have always been attracted to Vietnam and its incredibly broad range of talents.Since 2006, when I founded Red Edition, I have been passionate about creating simple, beautiful, colorful, furniture designs. I get to work as I love to: surrounded, supported, motivated and inspired by friends, great designers, and talented people of all kinds… this is what makes the uniqueness and the richness of Red Edition.
I love trends but I also think about what is practical, I think about how our furniture will fit in your interiors, I am constantly looking to understand what you want, and to grow community: always remember that Red Edition is your brand.


Emmanuelle Khanh

United by a certain idea of French elegance, respect for know-how and a taste for beauty, Red Edition and Emmanuelle Khanh have chosen to sublimate tortoiseshell by working with acetate.

This beautiful material, the signature of Emmanuelle Khanh's frames, emblematic of a past but terribly current style, refers to the decorative arts and to a timeless elegance that resonates with Red Edition's creations.

Red Edition's sculptural Totem mirror and Pigalle boxes are adorned with a warm tortoiseshell pattern that evokes the best hours of the Seventies. Emmanuelle Khanh's oversized 9010 frame is adorned with the same motif in an original veneer that combines the luminosity and depth of mother-of-pearl on the front with a high-gloss black on the temples.

Madura & Red Edition

Madura and RED Edition combine for the first time, to offer us an exclusive and very contemporary collection.

Together the two houses imagine a variation of cushions, and a line of fabric to dress the Fifties 210, sofa but also the Love Seat and Floating chairs, iconic foundations of neo RED Edition vintage furniture brand.
Cotton and linen canvases come in intense colors and timeless: black coal Fifties dress the sofa 210, terracotta and blue glacier Floating chairs. An elegant two-tone blue and ecru revisits the Love seat weaving. Three rectangular cushions adorn this collection and marry perfectly with the delicate fabric created by Madura and RED Edition.
True to the spirit of RED Edition, this capsule collection is a nod to Vietnam, their parts Country design.
True variation on the theme "living botany", the pieces from the Madura Online
RED invite us to a journey between Paris and Hanoi.

Red Edition I Sonos

Working in partnership at La Maison Sonos in Paris for over a year now, Red Edition and Sonos have continued to push the boundaries of their collaboration by working together on their first TV console.

A joint project born out of a shared vision and dream of creating warm and contemporary interiors, where technology and aesthetics blend seamlessly.
Cyril Laborbe, the founder of Red Edition, said: "Music and sound are very important to us. They give a home a certain ambiance, an atmosphere. I've been listening to music all over my house for years thanks to Sonos. With Red Edition's more than 10 years of home design expertise, coupled with Sonos' audio skills and experience, we're showing it's possible to create a functional, unobtrusive home cinema system that combines style and sophistication".


Tristan Auer

"I like to embark on adventures with my clients. The goal is to let design and decoration soften their lives."
He is an entrepreneurial interior architect who founded his own studio in 2002, which specializes in ultra high-end residences, boutique hotels and retail, as well as bespoke furniture design. A couturier, Tristan’s signature panache can be found across the globe.
The interior designer, designer and scenographer Tristan Auer joins the firm the same year as artistic director.

As Principal of Wilson Associates’ Paris atelier, he will oversee the firm’s “hautest” design projects across Europe. He has realized many great projects such as the Hotel Le Crillon, the Scribe or the Carlton de Cannes.
Today Tristan Auer collaborates with Red Edition and Lelièvre Paris to create #PREMIERACTE. This capsule collection, drawing its inspiration from the universe of Parisian theatres, incorporates all the requirements of high-end hotels, whose codes are perfectly mastered by all three houses. PREMIERACTE is the reflection of a French-style art of living, showcasing strong savoir-faire and ‘Couture’ detailing. Planned as a set for a luxurious suite, the furniture creations, designed on the principle of an all-enveloping double skin, invite relaxation and immerse us in an exclusive universe. PREMIERACTE is designed by Atelier Tristan Auer, produced and edited by Red Edition and set-dressed by Lelièvre Paris.

David Hodkinson

David is a focused, passionate architect and designer who brings a fresh, young eye to each project.

David received his master's from the Royal College of Art in London (Architecture and Interiors), having achieved a First Class Honours degree in Architecture at Oxford Brookes University in England. His spirit of adventure brought him first to Vietnam in 2000, in 2003 he founded noor design, an architecture and interior design firm specializing in hospitality projects.
Working for architectural firms in the UK, Glenn Howells and Architecture PLB, David has a wide range of architectural and interior experience and is particularly focused on personal solutions to a client’s brief. At noor he leads the design of the studio and is very involved in close relations with such groups as Hilton, Accor and Fairmont Raffles amongst others.
David's work has had published coverage in such design/architecture bibles as Wallpaper, Elle Decoration, Architects Journal and Building Design.