Be Good coffee tables

Its chic and contemporary style at the same time makes it easy to integrate in different rooms of the house.

Be Good coffee tables

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Lacquered using traditional techniques, it has a shiny appearance and clean lines.

I feel good

And what if you gave your room a dose of cheerfulness? The Be Good coffee tables, available in various lacquer colors, are small side tables with confident curves, elegantly supported by double wings connected by a discreet brass crosspiece. Available in two sizes that can be nested together, they slide next to a sofa, take centre stage in the living room as a duo, or can even be used as bedside tables...

In a totally plain look, their ivory- or red-lacquered wood give them a stylish Japanese touch. Their new table tops with tortoiseshell motif or in green marble, layered over an intense black lacquer, delicately underline their exquisite aesthetics.


Tops: lacquered wood, tortoise shell motif or green marble.

The base are made of lacquered wood.


Small: ø : 55 cm x H : 40 cm
Large: ø : 80 cm x H : 45 cm

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