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ARCHIK invites Red Edition

The two houses come together to share their passion for design.


Red Edition presents its collection of iconic pieces in Marseille for an exhibition through the showcase windows of the Maison ARCHIK-Marseille.

Elegant furniture in deep colours in the classic style, portraying a relaxed lifestyle. Red Edition plays with know-how from here and especially elsewhere to design furniture that bears witness to the art of living, French-style.

The exhibition runs until June 2021.



50 rue Edmond Rostand | 13006 Marseille

04 91 26 64 56 marseille@archik.fr  

Agence ARCHIK, the concept

ARCHIK is a new kind of agency that puts architecture back at the centre of real estate, offering a collection of properties ‘to live in’ or ‘to restore’, carefully selected for their personality or their potential.


This is no stereotypical real estate agent but rather unique profiles, born of creation, art or cinema.


There are around twenty passionate art lovers, government-certified architects and interior designers, landscape artists, connoisseurs, communicators and creatives, all ready and willing to advise and support ARCHIK customers in the purchase, renovation or tailor-made design of their heart’s desire.


From Marseille to Paris, via Toulouse, artfully and with precision, they strive to bring to fruition the life projects of a demanding clientele.




ARCHIK shares its universe and its art of living in each city in a unique place called “Maison ARCHIK”.


Part agency, part gallery and part show room, designers, artisans and brands are presented here around a common art of living.


14 rue de Montmorency | 75003 Paris

01 47 07 66 17 paris@archik.fr