Tapissier High Stool

The bar stool joins our collection of wood seating

Tapissier High Stool

Livraison sous 5 à 8 semaines
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With its noyer frame, it allows to sit while gaining height.

Perched high above

The bar stool joins our collection of wood seating. With its noyer frame, this stool lets you sit up high. Its upholstered backrest ensures absolute comfort with elegance.

Like its kin, the solid wood is specially made by artisans of the highest caliber. The stool could be reupholstered with any fabric from our collection or customized to your liking, from 6 pieces.


Noyer finish.

Brass bars.


Width: 43 cm
Depth: 49,5 cm
Seating height: 65 cm

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Sample for “Tapissier High Stool”

  • Sample fabric Caviar T37


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